Asphalt 9 Legends

Version: 2.9.4а
Requirements: Android 4.3+
Category: Games / Racing
Google Play: Open
Developer: Gameloft SE
Updated: 12-06-2021, 20:23
(296 votes)
Asphalt 9 Legends is a racing world game. You are required to accept the challenge and prove that you are able to perform the most incredible stunts and become the first in Asphalt 9 Legends.

Asphalt 9 Legends - a game created to go only forward, to take off! Here you can see a diverse selection of high-speed hypercars not previously seen in this world. The main manufacturers are compared with the real firms Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. The main character needs to choose the most suitable unit for the parameters and the design pleasing to the eye. There are no restrictions, they spit on them because of the attraction of speed. Your task is to become a leader in this race!
Now you can plunge headlong into the world of racing tracks and smells of gasoline. Each track of this game is thought out to the last detail, not to mention the study of the machines themselves. And visual effects will only add fuel to the fire before starting.

The game provides a collection of cars in the amount of 50 pieces. Each of them is given as a reward for the completed stage. Your task is to send it to the garage in a timely manner and improve it to the maximum setting by switching to the track.

Now your car will look as you want. Choose the color, appearance and print yourself (optional). Any idea can come true. In addition, you can determine the color of the disc, add brake parts to the design with the brake caliper and remember to pump the inside of the unit.

You will start your career with an ordinary racer, while 80 Fast and the Furious levels, thousands of racing tracks and the opportunity to constantly develop will be waiting for you in front of you.

Gather a team of like-minded people and create your own club of interests that will compete with others for leadership. A game is an ideal place to discharge and release adrenaline.

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  1. Llilbigg93
    Llilbigg93 20 April 2021 15:11
    Яркая гонка, тачки все крутые, графика классная. До этого не играл в игры данной серии, но эта сильно понравилась, так что думаю вот попробовать. asphalt 9 взлом игры тут нашел совсем бесплатно, спасибо большое.
  2. SanSannn
    SanSannn 17 April 2021 11:57
    Хорошие гонки, все в духе серии. Куча классных машин и закрученных трасс, люблю погонять тут на больших скоростях. Долго искал asphalt 9 взлом версию чтоб без вылетов и тут наконец вот нашлась.