Requirements: Android 4.2+
Category: Games / Arcade
Google Play: Open
Developer: Mojang
Updated: 25-09-2020, 00:03
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Download Minecraft for Android, a game created for true connoisseurs of sandboxes. To do this, you will need to explore different worlds and build incredible houses from the simplest to luxurious. Minecraft is able to present several modes: creative, which provides an unlimited supply of necessary resources and survival, here you have to sweat because creating armor and weapons will require not only ingenuity, but also imagination, not forgetting about the extraction of resources guarded by dangerous and bloodthirsty mobs.

Minecraft is a constant boost! A constant visit to the market will open new pluses and additional skins. There you will find a huge assortment of maps and texture sets from the most popular authors. Convenient console commands. Now it’s become easier to control the gameplay: change objects, let’s choose your character, change the time of day (day / night / morning) and call any mobs at the right time! In addition, you can create an atmosphere that suits you. All add-ons are free!

The game allows you to play in real time with friends. At the same time 10 people can take part. The action takes place on a personal server that is provided for your interests and requests. In addition, you can choose any platform created by the developers themselves. The use of a personal service is possible on a free basis for 30 days.
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Download Minecraft for Android free

  1. Laika
    Laika 3 March 2020 00:41
    Лучшая в мире игра это Майнкфрат и не надо со мной спорить я никому не верю) Это открытый мир действий, приключения, кубики, творческое пространство и монстрами. Участвую в мультиплеере, так веселей, не люблю строить в одиночку, один раз попробовал и сильно заскучал.