Tor Browser

Version: 10.5.3
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Apps / Communication
Google Play: Open
Developer: The Tor Project
Updated: 25-07-2021, 15:41
(22 votes)
Tor Browser is a multi-functional and very popular mobile browser for surfing the Internet. Special block trackers will block the sites you don’t need and thus, you will not see annoying ads and you will never catch the virus from the network. In addition, the browser automatically cleans cookies immediately after you leave the site. Another feature is the protection against third-party surveillance, all data will be encrypted. It is also worth noting the convenient browser navigation format and many other functions that make using the Internet from your phone more convenient.

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  1. Serda
    Serda 20 January 2021 19:09
    Самый лучший браузер для телефонов, который не позволит никому проникнуть внутрь. Я всегда пользуюсь Тор, потому что с ним я знаю что мои данные находятся в безопасности
  2. Евгений
    Евгений 6 December 2020 12:28
    • Hcgyvrnghbmbh
    • Добрый вечер уважаемые