Doublicat: Face Swap app

Version: 1.17.0
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Category: Apps / Entertainment
Google Play: Open
Updated: 22-05-2021, 21:48
(33 votes)
Doublicat: Face Swap app is a complete program for changing your face on gif images. Advanced features allow you to make high-quality and diverse memes with a face movement. You can change it to any other, it takes users no more than 5 seconds to do the whole thing, this program turned out to be so effective. Take a selfie right from the application so as not to get to the gallery, then choose a GIF from memes and put it on your face. You can replace this action endlessly and observe what results. Make yourself a star, a cartoon character, or any other.

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  1. yruwbcbc22
    yruwbcbc22 7 November 2020 13:37
    Недавно набрёл на прикольное приложение и скачал  Doublicat: Face Swap app. Прикол состоит в том, что в этом приложении можно менять лица на гифках, лично мне прикольно иногда позаниматься такими делами да и пошутить над друзьями можно