GTA San Andreas

Version: 2.00
Requirements: Android 7.0+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Rockstar Games
Updated: 10-01-2021, 16:49
(176 votes)
GTA San Andreas - a game that allows you to plunge into the world of street gangs, power, confrontations and money. Carl Johnson - 5 years living outside the hometown of Los Santos. He could not come to terms with the wars between the kings of drug trafficking, corruption, corrupt authorities and the stars, which by all means did not pay attention to this chaos. But everything has changed, the main hero of the GTA San Andreas game has to return - the mother is killed, the brother and sister hate each other, and friends are mired in debt and trouble.

GTA San Andreas unfolds events in the early 90's. In connection with difficult times, the guy is stopped by corrupt cops and I decide to hang a serious crime on him - the murder of a policeman. To protect himself and loved ones, the guy decides to take a desperate step - to take flight throughout the state of San Andreas.

The player will be able to experience the vast expanses of the three main cities of the state: San Fierro, Las Venturas and Los Santos. Thanks to the high-quality design and graphics, 70 hours of real-time games can fly in an instant.

The game combined a number of improvements, compared with previous versions and analogues:
  • Significantly improved graphics, adapted for mobile devices.
  • Improved color palette, light and external data of the main characters.
  • Created two joysticks on the screen of a mobile device, for a more convenient game.
  • The ability to further customize graphics platforms to your own needs.

For a better game, it is recommended after installation to reboot the device. In addition, it is recommended to close the remaining tabs during the game process, for a better game.

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  1. uuyoop77
    uuyoop77 7 November 2020 13:46
    Когда давно играл на пк в ГТА и очень нравилась игрушка, а тут нашёл и скачал на телефон ГТА Сан Андреас. После того как поиграл в эту часть ГТА на телефоне остался очень доволен, игра такая же как и на пк
  2. Garson777
    Garson777 2 March 2020 23:50
    Самая культовая ГТА всех времен, не знаю ничего лучше чем Си Джей и его приключения, это настолько круто. Разрабы улучшили графику для смартфонов, создали идеальное для телефона управление, хотя я думал, будет нелегко с ним освоиться. Большая история Си Джея на мобильном, разве я мог об этом подумать раньше.