Asphalt 8

Version: 5.7.0j
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Racing
Google Play: Open
Developer: Gameloft SE
Updated: 13-04-2021, 20:29
(196 votes)
Asphalt 8 is a new challenge for those who want to prove that he is the best racer in the entire virtual world of high speeds. Exciting adventures, hard shakes and an unimaginable emotional excitement for every lover to ride the streets with the breeze - this is how gamers describe this application today.

In Asphalt 8, a huge world opens before the player, including:
  • colorful locations with modern graphics;
  • a career mode containing many tests for the most experienced riders;
  • other modes that allow you to test your game car for strength in various situations;
  • valuable prizes for victories over players in the championships;
  • exciting leagues and seasons;
  • rating tables to compare success in races;
  • Possibility of a simultaneous race for 8 people in a multiplayer game.
Racing is accompanied by driving music, which allows all participants to feel perfectly every meter of the road. No weather conditions, strict rules or dangerous rivals will keep your car at the start. The rider will have to demonstrate all his skills in these extreme competitions, and only the best drivers will receive an award and recognition from the crowd.

More than two hundred cars and bikes are waiting for you to start the race. Here, the sound of each engine mimics the original, which will especially appeal to everyone who loves cars and understands them. There are many springboards on the tracks, allowing you to perform breathtaking stunts. The frantic world of speed in Asphalt 8 will also quickly sink into the player’s soul as he squeezes the first hundred kilometers on the speedometer, and he wants to drive again and again. This race will set a record for your expectations, as confirmed by millions of fans around the world.

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  1. OmichFishka
    OmichFishka 28 April 2021 16:31
    В лигах здесь можно покататься на ура – у меня каждая гонка выходит яркая такая, запоминающаяся. Асфальт 8 взлом игры поискал в инете и только тут нашел нормальную рабочую версию, спасибо сайту за отличное развлечение!
  2. Яша Патриот
    Яша Патриот 28 April 2021 14:01
    Гонки на высшем уровне. Куча достойных тачек отлично прорисованных, от скоростей порой дух захватывает – в реальности так наврятли погоняешь, но тут прям круто получается. Скачать взломанный asphalt 8 можно всего за пару минут.
  3. rossi
    rossi 31 March 2021 15:27
    Всем кому прошлые игры серии нравились очень советую – игруха прям улетная, графа на уровне, тачки классные, гонки достойные. Тут скачивал asphalt 8 взлом версию по совету друга, теперь вместе играем каждый день.