Как получить ROOT для Андроид

How to get ROOT for Android

09 January 2021, author: 5droid

What is Root?

Root in Android OS is special rights for the user that allow access to system-protected directories and files. Thanks to Root rights, it becomes possible to replace these files, edit them, or even delete them.

Why do you need Root? Superuser rights are used in many cases. Here are some examples:

  • remove unnecessary applications installed on the device out of the box;
  • changing the interface and adding new elements to it;
  • flexible customization and optimization of Android;
  • adding new features;
  • back up system applications.

Many applications that perform the above actions often require Root to work.

How to get root rights?

Root is obtained in different ways on different devices. We'll look at the most versatile application that will help in most cases - Framaroot. This program supports a huge number of popular smartphones and tablets, allowing you to get superuser rights with a few taps of the screen. To get Root with this application you need:

  1. Download and install the program on your device.
  2. Launch it and, if your device is supported, you can activate Root by clicking on the appropriate button.
  3. The program will display a message about a successful operation.
  4. After obtaining superuser rights, you need to restart the OS.

  If your device is not in the list of supported devices, you will be offered several methods for obtaining Root rights. Try each one. If the application closes with an error, just restart it.  

What to do if the Framaroot program does not allow you to get Root?

If none of the methods for getting Root suggested by the program worked, do not despair and try to search the forums for ways to obtain superuser rights specifically for your device.

Is it dangerous to get Root rights?

Superuser rights give a lot of freedom, which is why they are disabled by default. Root-enabled devices are very powerful, but:

  • they are more vulnerable to various malicious applications;
  • rash user actions can lead to unpleasant consequences, up to the impossibility of loading the OS (in this case, you will need to reflash the device);
  • many service centers deny warranty service for Root devices.

Is it possible to completely remove root privileges?

Root privileges are best turned off in the application with which you obtained them (most of these applications have this function). By disabling superuser rights, you can uninstall the corresponding application. If you don't remember or don't know the program that helped you get superuser rights, try resetting the device to factory settings, in most cases this method helps.
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  1. Mortalka
    Mortalka 20 January 2021 21:05
    Ну наконец то, хоть где-то объяснили конкретно как получить роот права, а то я уже извелся, все перепробовал. Подтверждаю что описанный метод работает, мне помогло