Geometry Dash

Version: 2.111
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Category: Games / Arcade
Google Play: Open
Developer: RobTop Games
Updated: 20-01-2020, 20:45
(84 votes)
Geometry Dash - a new unique platformer that reveals to players all the delights of the world of geometry. Develop your skills to the maximum, and you can better run, jump and fly. The complexity of the game increases with each level, and only true masters will be able to cope with the most difficult tasks.

In Geometry Dash, a player opens up a world of several dozen levels, and you will have to try hard to complete each. Each level is accompanied by rhythmic music, which makes the gameplay even more dynamic and fun. To begin with, there is a training mode that will help beginners learn the basics of the game.

As such, the storyline in the game is not provided. Her whole interest lies in overcoming all kinds of obstacles at various levels. Many of the levels are open for passing immediately, but the most intricate and difficult of them open only as certain game resources accumulate.

Before the start of the level, the player selects his character. It can be a cube, ball, ship, wave, robot, spider or UFO. Each of them has its own characteristics - the cube simply moves along the plane, falling under the force of gravity and bouncing when the button is pressed, the ball rolls and can temporarily change the laws of physics, the ship and UFOs fly through the air, the wave moves in zigzags, and the robot and spider are similar in the manner of movement with a cube and a ball.

In addition to obstacles at the levels, there are also some elements that allow you to change the character’s shape, the motion vector, tossing it, changing the speed, teleporting to another point on the screen and the like. All these features of Geometry Dash make passing each level one bright adventure, which is why more and more people are becoming fans of this amazing game.

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  1. Lolik66
    Lolik66 20 January 2021 19:31
    Приличная игра, помогает мне скоротать время, проходил уже несколько раз, думаю что должен сделать это снова. Она помогает избавиться от стресса, а его очень много стало
  2. Bogdyxxx
    Bogdyxxx 5 January 2021 16:32
    meow meow meow i'm a cow
  3. Saturn
    Saturn 28 December 2020 22:50
    W its saying its 2.2 and theres is 2.1, clickbaits...
  4. uuyoop77
    uuyoop77 7 November 2020 13:45
    Пару дней искал в что бы поиграть интересное и скачал Geometry Dash. Игра меня порадовала, тем что совсем не простая и чтобы пройти очередной сложный уровень нужно обладать определёнными навыками и терпением
  5. ccvbnmn33
    ccvbnmn33 7 November 2020 13:30
    Друг-математик предложил скачать Geometry Dash, я его конечно послушал и установил игру себе на телефон. Самой игрой остался доволен аркада выделяется сложными геометрическими заданиями