Как перенести приложение на карту памяти SD в Андроид

How to transfer app to SD card in Android

09 January 2021, author: 5droid

What is it for?

Applications are installed or transferred to the SD card when the internal memory of the device is full. It often happens that the memory capacity of a phone or tablet is not very large, and two or three "heavy" games take up almost all the free space.

Should you transfer or install applications to an SD-card?

If absolutely necessary, it should not be. The write and read speed of the SD card is slower than the internal memory, which will affect the performance of the transferred games and applications. Another drawback of this operation is the inability to run programs when the card is removed. Therefore, before transferring or installing games and programs to the SD card, try to free up the internal memory of the device by deleting unnecessary applications and files. Perhaps after that you will have enough free space and no transfer is required.

What is the best SD card to use?

If you have multiple SD cards, choose the one with the faster speed, pay attention to the volume second. When using a memory card with a higher speed, the performance drop will be less noticeable.

How to transfer applications using the built-in tools of your gadget?

Go to the settings of your device, find there the item “Applications”, “Application manager” or similar (the names may differ on different devices). Here you need to find a list of all installed applications. Having chosen the one you need, you can transfer it to the SD-card, for which it is enough to press the corresponding button (it may be called "Memory", "Transfer to SD-card", "Change" or something similar). If you do not see any buttons or they are inactive, then your gadget does not support this function, or the application you selected cannot be transferred.

Which applications can be transferred?

Any applications installed by you can be transferred to the SD card, if provided by the developer. System applications are not migrated, i.e. those that were originally installed.

How do I install applications to the SD card using it as part of internal storage?

If you own a device running Android 6 or higher, your device may support formatting the SD card as part of internal storage. To format the card in this way, go to the device's memory settings and select the appropriate item. Important: formatting will delete all data stored on the card. If there is something on the card that you want, copy the files somewhere before starting the process. After formatting, the memory card capacity will be added to the gadget's internal storage and you will have more free space for applications. If, when formatting the card, the device does not offer the option "As internal storage", then the gadget firmware does not provide such an option.

Is it possible to transfer applications using third-party programs?

There are many utilities that allow you to quickly and easily transfer applications to a memory card and return them back to the phone memory. Some of these programs are even capable of porting system applications (for this you need  ROOT ). Examples of such utilities: App2SD, Link2SD, Move to SDCard, etc.
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