Hill Climb Racing

Version: 1.49.2
Requirements: Android 4.2+
Category: Games / Racing
Google Play: Open
Developer: Fingersoft
Updated: 15-04-2021, 21:31
(119 votes)
Hill Climb Racing - an exciting game with realistic graphics, it will allow you to plunge. The world of racing and expressways. She does not require money. You just need to plunge into the gameplay of Hill Climb Racing and no longer want to come off.

Hill Climb Racing will allow you to play for a young and promising driver, which gives considerable hope in career development. His goal will go on a long journey through hitherto unfamiliar places and race cars that have not seen the protectors. Physics and its laws do not matter for an ambitious guy, he will not stop until he conquers all the peaks, even if you have to get to the moon.

You will have to experience first hand what it is to overcome various landscapes at an unbelievable speed, sitting behind the wheel of the coolest racing cars. Each race will allow you to collect additional bonuses, money, fame and recognition. Earned money will come in handy in pumping and improving the appearance of the best cars from a personal garage. But, you should always be on the alert. Bill had already become the wrong green boy, his ambitions had not diminished, and his sense of conservation had disappeared altogether, which sooner or later could lead to fatal consequences in the benzo crematorium.

The game has a number of characteristics:
  • a significant number of various cars, trucks, jeeps and much more;
  • constantly improve the engine, drive, tires and suspension;
  • the ability to overcome a significant number of locations. These include deserts, villages, the Arctic, and even the moon;
  • the ability to share my achievements on a personal blog page using the screenshot function;
  • providing the latest graphics, music and physical stimulation;
  • graphics adaptation for various devices (depending on the display and internal memory);
  • realistic sound of the engine, especially after pumping.
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  1. rossi
    rossi 31 March 2021 15:32
    Старые любимые гонки, люблю в них поиграть. Скачать взломанный hill climb racing можно быстро, проблем не составило, еще вторую часть тут же нашел – вроде тоже весьма интересная получилась.
  2. miner385
    miner385 23 March 2021 17:20
    Давно еще играл в эту игрушку на старом телефоне и вот снова на нее наткнулся. Отличная штука – особенно нравится накручивать сальто на уровнях с гравитацией, так можно быстро набрать монет и открыть новые тачки. Hill Climb Racing взлом версия отсюда работает стабильно, пока проблем не было, так что всем советую.