Vector Full

Version: 1.2.0
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Category: Games / Arcade
Google Play: Open
Developer: NEKKI
Updated: 26-08-2019, 13:30
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Vector Full is an arcade game designed for parkour lovers. The protagonist will be able to feel the real excitement of the chase. You are the one who is not ready to live by the rules of a totalitarian system. Now you have one task - not to fall into the hands of Big Brother, who have begun actively hunting for people like you. You are running away from the pursuers of the Vector Full game climbing walls, jumping over obstacles and performing incredible tricks of the ninja technique.

Vector Full is an easy-to-understand game that will suit even a student. Each failure will lead to the study of new tricks, which in the future will allow you to easily cope with any obstacles. Indeed, in the end, everyone will be rewarded and only the best can get three stars. Can you become one of the elite?

The game has a number of features:
  • Created as an arcade. Each user can connect their account with VKontakte or Facebook, which will not only save progress, but also compete with friends.
  • Hundreds of different tricks available to learn. Each is based on parkour style.
  • More than forty tracks that can lure any player.
  • Easily mastered by any user.
  • The complication of the levels is gradual, which allows only to increase interest in the gameplay.
  • The gameplay is maximally supported by a unique musical accompaniment and is heated by high-quality graphics. It is important that in the game attention is paid to the drawing of each detail, which creates a special real-time simulator, both during the escape and the execution of various tricks.
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