Vikings: War of Clans

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Developer: Plarium LLC
Updated: 22-05-2021, 08:31
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Vikings: War of Clans is a cult MMO strategy that shocked the whole world with its plot and vivid images. Now you are able to do great things, because it is in your hands to be the fate of the empire. You will need to create your own kingdom in Vikings: War of Clans and prove its stamina and strength.

Vikings: War of Clans is an opportunity to create a new history of the northern peoples by adding a new name to the ancient chronicles. Now the main character - the powerful Jarl is able to show his skills in conquering new territories, building quality tactics, setting traps and recruiting followers. The war that shed blood and ruined hundreds of lives must end, so become the one whose sword will bring peace and prosperity to the northern peoples.

The gameplay in the form of strategic combat missions will open your eyes to the new world that existed several centuries ago, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of conquests and learn with interest the details of fierce battles, which they will not tell in the lessons of history, and even less so will be shown so brightly and colorful.

And the game you can fight with opponents, but do not forget about the fortifications of the towers and protection. Let opponents finally fall under the walls of the castle recognizing your strength and greatness. It is worth remembering about new recruits, which require constant training and practice.
Ahead of you awaiting advancement in rankings. Win, gain glory and overtake others. Do not forget that you are able to unite with other like-minded people in the clan, which will significantly strengthen your own positions and prove that for you the clan is a single family and not one of the heroes will become an outcast.

In the game, the user will find additions in the form of: bonuses and gifts, the possibility of developing equipment, generous rewards for completing stages, epic battles in real time and much more, which can entice everyone into the world of ideal military operations of the Middle Ages.

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