Magic Rush: Heroes

Version: 1.1.309
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Elex
Updated: 18-08-2021, 19:10
(436 votes)
Magic Rush: Heroes - a game capable of captivating the heart of any gamer and novice lover. Now everyone is able to assemble a unique team of elite fighters that will protect you and the earth from cruel invaders. Everyone is able to create their own borders, towers and defenses in the game Magic Rush: Heroes without any special skills.

Magic Rush: Heroes is a strategic military-themed game that will allow you to test your strengths in any of three difficulty modes. The new control mode, simplified interface and user-friendly graphics will allow you to pass a real test during the gameplay.

During the game, you are able to choose any spell that will allow you to inflict maximum damage to the enemy or heal the wounds of allies. In addition, everyone is able to create their own super spell, which will increase the possibility of victory over the enemy. However, you should be careful not to release a super ult for no reason - it’s quite difficult to assemble it, but to successfully apply it is also worth learning, which will allow automatic training at the very beginning of the game. In this mode, you can see which of the initial characters are best for you and how you can arrange them in order, for a more profitable result.

During the gameplay, do not forget about your own protection. For this, the commander in chief is able to accommodate up to three teams with unique skills. But do not forget that after the hero protects you will need the necessary treatment and rest. So be careful - the enemy is always ready to attack at the wrong moment.

During a break from the main quest, the character has the opportunity to visit the Arena and play to raise his person in the leaderboard, thus earning fame and incentive prizes.

Be active and show that you are a true hero and a winner!

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