Clash of Clans

Version: 14.0.6
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Developer: Supercell
Updated: Today, 00:04
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Clash of Clans is a real-time military strategy combining dashing campaigns on enemy lands with the defense of your settlement. It is interesting not only to fight, but also to rebuild your village, gradually developing it and leading to prosperity.

Each player begins with a small forest glade, which houses the first buildings. Over time, the settlement grows, gets richer and gains strength. Having hired a strong army, you can go on a campaign to the lands of the enemy and get many valuable trophies. However, do not forget about the defense of your home, because the more developed the city, the more attractive it is for artful rivals.

The gameplay in Clash of Clans can be viewed from two sides: defensive preparations and strategic campaigns. The first type of game includes the construction and hiring of citizens, the second - the skill of strategic and tactical decisions of the commander. There are many types of defenses and combat units, so the gameplay obviously will not seem boring.

The initial arrangement of the base is one of the most important points. It directly affects the ability of soldiers to defend themselves, on which the safety of the player’s resources depends. Rapid development and pumping at any stage of the game is very helpful. To do this, you need to hire all 4 builders, which will give the highest development rate. Crystals that can be purchased in the game store will help speed up this process. Priority in construction is best given to resource-mining buildings.

The plot in Clash of Clans is also very interesting. In it, the player will have to fight with bloodthirsty goblins and win fortresses from them. Timely improvement of soldiers, the right choice of development, economy and rational distribution of resources - all this will help to effectively fight and defend.
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  1. rossi
    rossi 31 March 2021 16:10
    Хорошая игра, давно с ней знаком и часто хожу в походы. Тут взломанный clash of clans скачивается быстро, играть приятно, ничего не вылетает, в отличие от многих других сайтов, где куча лагов.
  2. zzSpzz
    zzSpzz 25 March 2021 14:20
    Не так просто найти в инете рабочую версию и скачать clash of clans, чтоб поиграть от души – на этом сайте вот наконец нашел. Рубимся с друзьями, пока все очень нравится, ждем новых обновлений – там всегда что-нибудь интересное завозят.
  3. miner385
    miner385 23 March 2021 17:27
    Играем с друзьями в одном клане уже давно – классная стратегия, много всего интересного. Постоянно набираем народ, даже новичков – всему обучим и поможем в боях. Clash of Clans взлом версия на этом сайте рабочая, скачивайте и вступайте в наш клан. Ищите меня по нику в игре.
  4. motoD
    motoD 23 March 2021 14:38
    Повоевать тут, конечно, можно круто – долго сначала не мог отлипнуть от экрана. Долго искал в интернете где скачать взломанный Clash of Clans и тут наконец нашел. Спасибо большое за игру!