Mobile Royale: Royal Strategy

Version: 1.26.0
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Developer: IGG COM
Updated: 14-05-2021, 09:42
(92 votes)
Mobile Royale: Royal Strategy will allow you to feel like a true ruler of one of the clans, which has been waging an active war with other neighbors for many years. Now you have to show yourself as a conqueror thanks to Mobile Royale: Royal Strategy, as well as show that you are able to create an ideal world by defeating rivals and reuniting everyone in one powerful kingdom.

Mobile Royale: Royal Strategy allows you to use unique strategies and tactical data to create the perfect world worthy of your reign. Feel like a real warrior thanks to the unique 3D graphics and high-quality music selection. Do not let others outsmart yourself. Overthrow your opponents and place your minions at the head of the conquered lands. Do not forget that the troops need to be replenished - increase your military strength and replenish the army with new recruits.

Now your hero will be able to build new settlements. And the opportunity to create your own clan and gather strong like-minded people near you will only strengthen your strength. Doubt it? Then enter into the existing one and take an active part in her life. For this you can get a significant amount of gold and additional bonuses. Do not forget about the existence of the Arena and the ability to test your strengths and skills in a single battle.

Gather a unique army. In its ranks you can see both ordinary people and elves with beastmen. Each of them will fight shoulder to shoulder for the glory, honor and freedom of their own people.

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