Day R Premium

Version: 1.686
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Google Play: Open
Developer: tltGames
Updated: 12-06-2021, 19:32
(287 votes)
Day R Premium is a game created in the form of a simulator, where the main task is to survive in the world of nuclear post apocalypse. The main plot takes place during the reign of the USSR. The geographical location is identical to the real one.

Day R Premium mod allows you to test yourself and your strengths. Can you survive by crossing the whole country for a safe place and saving a precious family? After all, danger lies in the form of hunger, radiation and deadly diseases. But no one knows whether you will have time to get to the point where everyone who is so dear to the heart will perish. In time, travel you will have to uncover a lot of conspiracies and will come to a clue about who is responsible for this brutal disaster. In addition, lost memories will return to you, which will become key at the end of the mission to save yourself and loved ones.

But you will have to sweat for survival, on the way there will be unhappy and doomed to death people who mutated animals that dream of eating your flesh. To survive, you have to craft all the extracted resources.

The premium version will help to get a significant advantage. You can save your progress at any time and place. Communicate in a chat without any restrictions and receive valuable tips from the "guard" of the game. Get full access to markers, colors and unlimited receiving packages. And also, crediting 2500 caps in each new game.

Day R Premium is considered one of the best post-apocalyptic time games and the only one where events unfold in Soviet Russia. It is also important to know that the Togliatti developers spent a considerable amount of energy on developing a realistic interface for survival.

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  1. uuurevvcb122
    uuurevvcb122 7 November 2020 13:08
    Скачал и установил  Day R Premium в свой телефон. Изначально просто хотел потэстить игру, но втянуло так, что не могу отлипнуть. Очень понравилось, то что сюжет этой эрпгэшке построен на времени ещё СССР