Townsmen 7

Version: 1.14.3
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Simulators
Google Play: Open
Developer: HandyGames
Updated: 30-01-2021, 20:54
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Townsmen 7 is a game developed by a German company. Its name in translation sounds like "Citizens". The plot is based on the Middle Ages. Strategic game Townsmen 7 at first may not please the external parameters of the gameplay, but everything is ahead.

Townsmen 7 is an opportunity to accomplish the daunting task of turning an old, dying village into a developing city with its own infrastructure that meets the demands of medieval times.

You can start a construction company in one of several ways that you like: use a pre-prepared scenario of actions or choose spontaneous actions that will allow you to create a new world from scratch.

Choosing the first option, the user will have to complete a series of missions having tasks and the opportunity to receive a reward. Each mission is a new scenario. Thus, eleven storylines were created that harmoniously intertwine with the main plot. Interestingly, some tasks are so complex that they will require a significant amount of time from 2-3 hours. So the duration of the game is ensured, as is the interest due to uniqueness.

The second way - a free script, allows you to independently create a dream city. For this, the developers prepared 13 levels and locations that extend from the water surface, in the form of river banks and ending with frozen plains mixed with swamps.

Each of the options for games is able to deliver the maximum amount of positive emotions and pleasure during the passage. Interestingly, the choice of locations provided in the book interpretation, which gives a special look to the game.

The game will allow you to balance between the opportunity to gain millions or lose everything, it is worth taking only one step, which will show its essence.

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