Flippy Knife

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Beresnev Games
Updated: 12-06-2021, 21:52
(225 votes)
Flippy Knife is the sparkling world of knives. Have you always liked throwing sharp knives at your target or throwing axes? Then this application is for you. Here you can become a true master of this difficult business and collect your own unique collection of weapons.

With this application, anyone can learn to accurately throw knives or other weapons, making it more skillful with each round and making whole series of hits in a row. Competitions take place at various colorful locations with pleasant musical accompaniment. Over time, the player in Flippy Knife will have more and more throwing weapons, from which he will be able to collect an amazing collection - the pride of a true master.

All thrill-seekers, strong and confident people will find their interest in this straightforward game at first sight. The bright emotions in her from the right shot are really like on the tip of the knife that has just dug into the target. But the best result remains to be done, so it's time to take another knife and send it to the same point.

Among the features of the game Flippy Knife it is worth noting a large assortment of blades - more than a hundred unique products with excellent design. All these knives work on a close to realistic physical system, which will be convenient for those who can throw them in the real world. The graphics engine will also delight all connoisseurs of a good picture - the drawing of objects and surroundings is done with meticulousness, so this game can enjoy hours of continuous throws of virtual blades. No annoying ads are distracting here, which is very important for many players, because this is quite rare in the world of the modern gaming industry.

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