Knife Hit

Version: 1.8.9
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Arcade
Google Play: Open
Developer: Ketchapp
Updated: 9-09-2020, 18:59
(300 votes)
Knife Hit is a unique game that can entice any user of gadgets on the Android platform. It is created in the form of an arcade that will never make you bored. So Knife Hit is a game where you have to throw a small knife.

Knife Hit is an active and enticing game that manifests itself from the first minutes of the gameplay. It is important that the game is completely free and allows you to reach your potential without donat features.

The game is built in the form of an elementary process. In the center of the circle there is a bar located in a mobile state, your task is to throw the knife as best as possible and hit the target without hitting the previous ones. Getting into the previous knife and using all lives leads to death. The level has to be re-run.

Increasing the level gives not only experience, it allows you to test yourself in more complex tasks. Despite the fact that you can always lose the desire to close the game does not disappear, but only increases passions, which motivates you to get more experience and skills. As a result, the game allows you to play constantly and improve. Not to mention the fact that she significantly trains her memory.

The first level is one of the simplest. It’s possible even a schoolboy to defeat a bar. But this cannot be said about the subsequent ones. The bar increases speed, which increases the opportunity to get into another knife and lose. This alignment requires constant attention and consideration of actions. At the end of each stage you will be waited by the barefoot, where it is certainly impossible to relax. It will require an accurate hit on the target, throws without hesitation.

At the beginning, the player is provided with the classic version of the knife. If you need to change it, the solution is very simple - bring down the maximum number of apples, watch ads and accumulate the right amount, exchange them for the necessary knife of a higher quality.

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  1. Sunsipan
    Sunsipan 2 March 2020 22:10
    Могу без остановки бросать ножики по цели, с такой игрой не бывает скучно. Скачать Knife Hit порекомендовал мой друг, он уже давно убивает с ее помощью свободное время и тут я заинтересовался. И правда классная аркада, метаешь ножи, получаешь баллы, выигрываешь призы.