Hill Climb Racing 2

Version: 1.44.3
Requirements: Android 4.2+
Category: Games / Racing
Google Play: Open
Developer: Fingersoft
Updated: 12-06-2021, 20:19
(154 votes)
Hill Climb Racing 2 is the sequel to the original racing arcade that was released several years ago and has gained popularity among gamers who love racing and the road. The second part did not go far from the previous one, but based on the popularity of the first, the players quickly showed interest. Now Hill Climb Racing 2 is called as the brightest, most dynamic and colorful game, enticing others with its originality in relation to other races.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is able to defeat a significant number of rivals, collect bonuses, tune your "baby", earn fame and fortune. During the passage of new levels, the player will open up new opportunities for improving the operation of the car, so no one can say that you are the worst driver, but only envy your skills and understanding.

The basics of the game are the key to success. Therefore, do not discount them. For a successful race, you will need to learn how to work qualitatively with management, and especially to perform jumps, which will allow you to come as a leader in every competition.

You have two pedals. Want to win - learn to balance! After that you can always try new opportunities. The main thing is patience and a desire to learn new things!

Want to be the first? Follow the basic rules:
  • Always upgrade vehicles. Tuning is everything!
  • Explore new places that will open up new opportunities!
  • Try yourself as a team player.
  • Participate in various events and guides that are constantly updated.
  • The higher the level, the better the car!

Competitions are an opportunity not only to test one's strengths, but also to show rivals that a new contender for the leader’s throne has appeared.

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  1. scr4dZer
    scr4dZer 24 April 2021 14:59
    Отличный убийца времени – не помню сколько уже часов провел тут, но точно много))))) всем советую скачать hill climb racing 2 взлом версию, чтобы проще было с монетами – так можно сразу открыть все тачки и все попробовать.
  2. boombaam96
    boombaam96 31 March 2021 13:23
    Первая часть очень понравилась, долго играл и вдруг увидел продолжение. Скачал тут Hill Climb Racing 2 взлом версию и хочу сказать, что разработчики хорошо постарались – игра в духе оригинала, много всего интересного.