Version: 2.466.418149
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Games / Adventure
Google Play: Open
Updated: 24-02-2021, 12:24
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Roblox is one of the world's largest high-end multiplayer games. The main task of everyone is to work with your head. Invent, go through and create all kinds of things in the three-dimensional space of the Roblox game.

Roblox is a world created entirely by the hands of players. The game deserves to be called a "fantasy platform." That's all, because the game is able to recreate any idea thanks to a specially designed design program that can understand any request and emotion for an unrivaled adolescence.

The game allows users to convene hundreds of miniature locations with their own parks, buildings, cars, nature, animals and much more. Everyone has the opportunity to unlock the potential of genius.

In addition, everyone is able to build a dream home, something that perhaps will not come true in real life. Here even your haters will become friends and everyone will have a second chance for a new life.

The game was created as a secure server with the constant support of qualified specialists. Everything was created so that each of the 2 million users could relax and give free rein to the creative beginning, which is hidden deep in the soul.

Now mobile users will be able to spend time with the rest in a pleasant virtual reality company, who also love to explore new worlds.

Now it’s much easier to chat with friends! At your disposal are private messages, world chat and groups.

Do you want to plunge into the world of your own fantasies and freedom of action, where each player is equal, where you will not meet envy and hatred? If this is your dream, then hurry up and download the latest version.
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  1. miner385
    miner385 23 March 2021 17:14
    Классная песочница с любимой графикой и кучей возможностей. Строить можно что вздумаю – простор для фантазии просто поражает. Никак не могу наиграться, всем советую скачать роблокс взлом версию тут бесплатно.
  2. motoD
    motoD 23 March 2021 14:49
    Насоздавал тут с друзьями кучу миров – часто сидим тут, куча всего интересного есть. Скачивайте отсюда роблокс взлом версию и не парьтесь, классно все работает и ничего не вылетает.