My Talking Tom

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Casual
Google Play: Open
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
Updated: 12-06-2021, 21:33
(124 votes)
My Talking Tom - who is it? Baby, puppy, naughty baby? Didn't guess - this is a popular cat named Tom. He is known to harm people as the cutest and most popular character, which is confirmed by the game My Talking Tom, what can we say about the cartoon?

My Talking Tom is the best tamagotchi game that is suitable not only for a child, but also for an adult. You will take him up with a small kitten and will have to take care of him every day: put to bed, play, feed, dress, wash, treat and much more!

Your job is to make him happy and grow from the very diaper, pick up a house design and clothing style. Growth depends on rising levels. And the level of attentive care. There will certainly be plenty to choose from, when you grow up you can feel like policemen, astronauts, heroes from the country of sweets, pirates and even aliens.

At times, even an adult cat can get sick! But this does not matter in the bathroom there is always a first-aid kit where you can drink potions, measure the temperature and even put an enema that your pet does not like. In addition, you can always talk to him, he will actively respond, repeating your words in a funny and squeaky voice.

If you do everything, but want to play some more, then Tom has a separate option with various games. It will help not only to have fun, but also to earn coins that are needed to buy food, clothes and various home decorations.

Never forget about your pet! Tom can be very upset and when you return, you will find him sad, dirty, hungry and dreaming of a sweet dream. Which will not please either you or the cat. But since it happened, hurry up to play, drink the potion from drowsiness and entertain the baby without letting yourself or him lose heart.

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  1. Deynte
    Deynte 7 April 2021 16:26
    Игра вроде кажется детской, но многие взрослые в нее с упоением залипают целыми днями. Я вот тоже не смог удержаться) мой говорящий том взломанная игра тут работает отлично, думал будет вылетать, но нет, пока все стабильно.