Talking Tom: running for gold

Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
Updated: 13-06-2021, 10:28
(97 votes)
Talking Tom: running for gold is another exciting adventure of the cheerful talking cat Tom from the eponymous series of games. Here you will explore endless colorful worlds and chase after a robber in search of gold.

The villain again blocked the movement on the street with his huge truck. Cat Tom needs to defeat him by dropping bombs and fleeing bullets. Running and jumping, the cat receives charges of energy that help him in such a difficult task.

In this amazing runner, you need to have time to keep up with the robber, until he has disappeared into other worlds, of which there are many. The developers did not stint on the excellent graphics and excellent special effects so that players could enjoy these beauties in plenty. Although managing Talking Tom: running for gold is a very simple application, but its gameplay will quickly attract anyone who gets into this amazing virtual world. To win, you need to chase a harmful thief on many cards, and to do this is not always easy.

The fun in this game never ends. For the successful completion of interesting story missions, players receive valuable rewards. From the gold bars collected as you progress, you can build houses where Tom and his loyal friends will live. By equipping and updating these houses, the player opens up new opportunities for adventure, including expanding the list of available locations and more.

Also in the application Talking Tom: running for gold there are special characters that allow the main character to become stronger, faster and perform breathtaking stunts. It’s impossible to tear yourself away from such gameplay, so right now it’s time to go with a funny cat and his team on a stunning journey full of bright emotions, interesting tasks and guaranteed to give an excellent mood.

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  1. BoyND
    BoyND 28 April 2021 08:08
    Говорящий кот которого недавно совсем котенком видел в другом приложении теперь гоняется за золотом – алчность и до усатого добралась, печальбеда, куда мир катится) Скачать взлом том за золотом тут можно бесплатно, так что можно и поиграть попробовать.
  2. Llilbigg93
    Llilbigg93 20 April 2021 17:15
    Установил игру для ребенка, а в итоге сам залип – отличная бегалка, в лучших традициях жанра. Искал в инете где обновить том за золотом, но так ничего и не нашел – жаль, думал продолжение есть какое, может подскажет кто?
  3. ARtemKa
    ARtemKa 16 April 2021 09:05
    Интересный раннер, все просто и понятно. Персонажи милые, по другим играм знакомы мне. Просто бежишь и золото собираешь, а потом мебель для дома покупаешь. Для убийства времени всем советую том за золотом взлом игру установить.