Talking Tom: Chasing Heroes

Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
Updated: 25-07-2021, 22:28
(282 votes)
Talking Tom: Chasing Heroes is a fun endless runner in which you will meet Talking Tom and his friends. Help the company of famous heroes in their mission, and together restore peace. Each character in the game has unique abilities useful in various situations. Use their skills correctly and you will easily go through even the most difficult level and find a lot of gold. Also, do not neglect the ultramodern gadgets of heroes that perfectly help in the passage.

Your sworn enemies in this funny adventure is a gang of raccoons. They are constantly trying to create problems for the main characters, so you should always be on your guard with them. Especially dangerous opponents are raccoon bosses, for defeating them you can open new characters and get unique rewards, including chic outfits for heroes and many other prizes.

In the game "Talking Tom: Chasing Heroes" you will run through the most beautiful locations: the roofs of skyscrapers, tropical beaches, Chinese villages, ancient temples and many other places. Jump on the roofs, swing on cranes, look for valuable rewards in the most unexpected places and just enjoy the fun gameplay. Enjoy the detailing of the drawing of each landscape, bright colors and colorful characters. High-quality graphics and well-chosen music make the atmosphere of the game very attractive, so I want to return to this magical world again and again.

Game Features:
  • beloved by many heroes with unique features;
  • dynamic battles with powerful bosses;
  • various beautiful locations;
  • exciting tricks;
  • chic costumes that transform the appearance of the characters.

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  1. Garson777
    Garson777 2 March 2020 23:52
    Ооо, мой любимый Том, как сильно люблю этого котенка, смешное и забавный, он всегда живет в моем телефоне. Эта игра Говорящий Том: погоня героев тоже первоклассная, только теперь за Томом не нужно ухаживать, он стал участником большой погони за золотыми монетками, я соберу их все)