Lords Mobile

Version: 2.50
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Category: Games / Strategy
Google Play: Open
Developer: IGG COM
Updated: 13-06-2021, 18:03
(164 votes)
Lords Mobile is a great game that you should definitely pay attention to. From the very beginning you are welcomed by an attractive introductory video, although, of course, the game does not look like that. However, the graphics in the game are pretty good, so it's a pleasure to play Lords Mobile.

Lords Mobile is a bright representative of a fantasy game, and I want to say from the introductory video that at last serious money has begun to be invested in this genre. However, this is not entirely true. Graphics, of course, is not bad, but it does not reach many classmates.

The good news is that the game starts very dynamically and immediately captures you. You will make a large number of upgrades and develop rapidly and will not notice how you feel very, very cool. Until, of course, they kill you a couple of times - then this magical feeling will disappear very quickly and without a trace.

If you don’t go into technical details, you can say that Lords Mobile is a great sandbox for those who like to fight. Here you have to build, research technology, train your own army and of course join your own guild. Of course, there are many more elements in the game, but we give a basic understanding of what you have to face.

The gameplay is fun, even when they kill you. You constantly feel that you are growing and becoming stronger. It is truly unforgettable. Guilds work very well, and since you have to spend most of the time in cooperation with other players, guilds constantly break up and appear.

In general, the developers, with the exception of some points, tried their best and provided the game with an excellent storyline. Donut is not strong here, and you can achieve most things yourself.

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