Bus Simulator: Ultimate

Version: 1.5.2
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Simulators
Google Play: Open
Developer: Zuuks Games
Updated: 27-07-2021, 13:45
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Bus Simulator: Ultimate - a game created for those who are tired of harsh skirmishes, chasing money and "shooters". Now you can experience a realistic opportunity to become a driver with the Simulator: Ultimate Bus and immerse yourself in a new world different from others.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is a simulator that allows players to create a unique business based on a bus simulator. Now you are the owner of not only roads, but also passenger traffic. You do not have to think about bandits and protection. Everything is very legal and legal, forget about blood and violence.

Your story will begin with a banal scene where your character redeems an old bus company from an elderly man. Now your task is the development of a new business, which will create billions of dollars worth of capital.
Your main task is to take care of the buses, create comfortable conditions for transportation, hire drivers and create new routes for moving around the city, in order to get the maximum income.

At the beginning of the process you have only one bus, you yourself as a driver and one route. Like everything, your character starts small to feel for yourself all the subtleties and nuances of a new business.
Management in the game is quite simple, so the user needs to remember only a few combinations for management.

The working day begins with the arrival in the fleet and breakfast, and only after you will find a long day for the “steering wheel”. But it is worth remembering that you will not only have to drive a “car”, but sell tickets and repair them in case of breakdowns.

Having earned enough money, you can buy a new bus and hire a driver, but it is worth remembering that maintaining and maintaining a good state of transport also costs money.

Having got freedom in front of you, a new task arises - creating a unique route that will increase profits and choose exactly your bus company for passengers due to its comfortable location and fast delivery. But you should be careful. Indeed, in the simulator people are capable of negative emotions.

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