Farming Simulator 18

Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Games / Simulators
Google Play: Open
Developer: GIANTS Software
Updated: 20-01-2020, 11:24
(170 votes)
Farming Simulator 18 is a new opportunity to become a modern farmer. Allow yourself to plunge into the modern world, where the development of crops predominates. You have to look after cattle: pigs, cows and sheep. Follow the work at the sawmills and carefully study the market for the most profitable sale of materials. After, you can always expand your own site for the money you earn and strengthen your own significance.

Farming Simulator 18 - will provide high-quality graphics for more exciting gameplay. In addition, you can discover a significant range of equipment that is recreated from real life and the development of the most popular companies in the modern world. At your disposal more than 50 cars that you can constantly sell and acquire new, more advanced and profitable models.

Thanks to the high-quality and detailed display of life processes, the game becomes one of the most popular simulators for the Android gaming platform.

Farming Simulator 18 will allow players to control only the best models of agricultural machinery. Each will have the opportunity to grow various crops in their own fields. Actively breed and sell adult pigs to butchers. Feed sheep and cows to obtain valuable products: milk and wool. Thanks to the use of new nozzles for transportation, now there is no need to be afraid for the transportation of raw materials. Assistants will always do the extra work of constructing new buildings and clearing the land. Special equipment will allow not only clearing the plot, but also transporting felled forest for processing or selling on the market. This game will allow you to enjoy new emotions thanks to the colorful design and modern graphics.

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  1. Miss Mr54
    Miss Mr54 3 March 2020 00:57
    Стать фермером и заработать миллион, где еще я могу это сделать как не в Farming Simulator 18. Реальные трактора, комбайны, поля, дополнительная техника. Обновленная версия получила массу доработок, я не пропускаю ни одной части, в восторге от этого симулятора, всегда мечтал стать фермером и вот он шанс.