Construction Simulator 2

Version: 1.14
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Category: Games / Simulators
Google Play: Open
Updated: 6-08-2019, 14:42
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Construction Simulator 2 is a game that will make you feel like a businessman and create your own construction company. Before you open more than 40 models of equipment for construction, which exists only in the world of Construction Simulator 2, which is actively developing thanks to successful innovators.

Construction Simulator 2 is the place where you have to learn how to use trucks, operate cranes, pour concrete, order and unload the necessary materials. Your task is to create new, unique residential areas on the streets of Wedside Plains.

You will find yourself in a small city located in the United States. In a country where you can get all the best for construction and creativity. The task is to expand the business, become famous among the elite of businessmen, open up new opportunities by signing more than 60 contracts.

The new fleet of the city is a location that can accommodate more than 60 models of licensed cars. Here they will find their home: cranes, dump trucks, an excavator, a caterpillar tractor and many others.

The study of the city and the slums will open up new opportunities, sign agreements with the expansion for the demolition and construction of unique and elite houses, which will allow you to remember your personality in the city for centuries as an innovator. You will create gardens, parks, lakes, give an opportunity to show your skills to artists, sculptors and many other young, undisclosed talents. One only has to believe in oneself a little and let one’s own imagination give free rein.

Your construction company is an opportunity to create a new, unique and ideal, something that the world has not yet seen and no one else can repeat your work. Never!

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