Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars

Version: 2.4.90
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Updated: 20-05-2021, 17:33
(246 votes)
Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars is an exciting game offering to play for a small but powerful person in a drawn style. Thanks to the graphics, there is no need to worry about quality and boring passing. You just have to surrender to the plot and let Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars take hold of interest for a long time.

Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars - built in the form of a classic display and playback of action games. You will become a colorful hero and help you get to the top, exterminating and defeating the crowds of enemies that are greedy for your death and falls. These monsters will do everything in their path so that the brave knight becomes a laughing stock, but you. Won't you allow this, right?

The game allows you to go through several stages of training. This method was developed for a qualitative study of the skills of the hero and the possibility of building the initial strategy. After all, each monster has its own weaknesses. Having figured out how to properly use skills and abilities in manual combat, a player can continue to complete the stages without additional help.

On the map of the area will constantly appear tasks that need to be performed. However, if the main character gets bored of manually dealing with enemies, or he wants to see how best to use forces, then you can select the auto battle option.

Passing different levels, collecting various weapons, armor, gems and earning gold, you can spend a little time usefully and pump your character to a new level in strength and endurance. This method will help you easily cope with a horde of monsters suitable from every corner.

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