RAID: Shadow Legends

Version: 4.40.3
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Google Play: Open
Updated: 22-07-2021, 23:44
(291 votes)
RAID: Shadow Legends - a game requiring users to actively understand the essence, because everyone has a difficult task - to protect the kingdom. Ahead of the user is waiting for the opportunity to select and pump the hero of one of sixteen fractions. The Kingdom of Teleria is waiting for you on the expanses of RAID: Shadow Legends to protect against Dark Forces.

RAID: Shadow Legends will allow you to pump the heroes from the very foundation to get the opportunity to give a corresponding rebuff to the player. This will require a lot of strength and patience, but it is worth knowing that you will never be alone - the Sogildians and just friends will come to help. No one will stand aside.

The game allow strategic ability. Each player must consider the perfect kit for his character, which will help increase combat strength and defense. Pass levels, increase ranks and get a lot of bonuses. Use every opportunity to become one of the best on the battlefield.

Single player is the past tense. Now you can find not just allies, but one Duma that will help get through any company and have fun. Ahead are waiting for battles with opponents, demons and monsters that fill the once beautiful world.

The vastness of the kingdom is significant. Therefore, the developers created more than 10 locations on a spacious map, which will quickly identify with a new task in the form of cleaning the territory and searching for treasures.

Arena is an opportunity not only to have fun. The essence of the location is simple two teams enter the arena, but only the winner leaves. Move along the rating ladder, which in the future will allow you to easily pass PVP modes.

Call on new heroes, develop characters and get bonuses and gifts for active participation in various events.

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  1. gorkiy
    gorkiy 3 March 2020 01:29
    Рейд отличная РПГ, видно что разрабы следят за ней и не портят, а наоборот улучшают, это в первую очередь и нравится. Создал себе орка, для него можно применить даже латы, дал в руки топор и гоу рубить своих врагов по магическим землям. Мне сильно понравилась графика RAID: Shadow Legends, она сногсшибательная