Train Taxi

Version: 1.4.12
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Puzzle
Google Play: Open
Developer: SayGames
Updated: 13-06-2021, 17:48
(185 votes)
Train Taxi is a puzzle game from SayGames, in which you will need to navigate using your growing train and collect all the passengers that get in your way. The game has some secrets and interesting points that you need to consider when passing Train Taxi.

Train Taxi will remind many of you of the classic snake - an old-school favorite game where you had to collect points, and with each new snake it grew. It was very important not to bump into the side or into your own tail. The idea was successfully transferred to a new game and now you have to use the train as a snake. The concept remains the same, the game is very enticing. You have to figure out how to properly manage the train to achieve the best possible results and select all the passengers.

To achieve this, the game needs to plan everything in advance. At the first levels some global problems are not waiting for you, and planning is not so critical, since the train will not become too large, but as soon as you go through a certain number of levels, the task becomes more complicated and you will crash into yourself more and more often.

On some cards you can collect golden keys. Do not miss them, because thanks to them you can open new random trains. It is interesting that although the new trains do not have special different functionality, they simply look different and it’s just fun to collect them.

New trains can also be opened for coins, and with each open train, the price of a new train rises. Coins can be obtained for completing the levels of the Gold Rush.

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