Kick the Buddy

Version: 1.0.6
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Playgendary
Updated: 5-11-2020, 09:52
(129 votes)
Kick the Buddy is an excellent modern remedy for bad mood and typical boredom. Painfully simple and at the same time ingenious anti-stress game, which allows you to mock a poor rag doll with impunity, will appeal to everyone who feels angry or just wants to see what happens to the dummy in various situations.

Kick the Buddy is a colorful and fun game, which you can figure out how to manage in a couple of seconds, is designed for a variety of people and their problems, habits and tastes. To destroy the cartoon mannequin presented a whole arsenal of weapons and various devices. Fun and addictive gameplay instantly addictive, and you want to mock a doll more and more diverse.

In Kick the Buddy, there is scope for each player’s imagination in terms of the desired way to punish an unhappy doll. It can be set on fire, drown, saw, twist, crush, shoot, give wild animals to be eaten - and this is only the smallest part of the options presented. The assortment of the game store is constantly replenished, and various weapon options can be combined to achieve the best result. You can control the selected objects in different ways: just move, throw into the walls for a rebound or bring the doll itself to them. The faster and more efficiently the damage is inflicted on the dummy, the more points it will give. On earned points you can buy new weapons, items or jewelry.

Taking out aggression on a digital doll, people protect others from this, so such applications can be called very useful in some way. This game is a great anti-stress in which you can not only vent your negative emotions, but just have fun and have a good time.
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