Block City Wars

Version: 7.2.2
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Category: Games / Simulators
Google Play: Open
Developer: D Games Apps
Updated: 13-06-2021, 10:33
(181 votes)
Block City Wars is a mixture of such well-known games as Minecraft and GTA with a spacious open world made in a characteristic square graphics, a lot of diverse content, a full-fledged single player and multiplayer, a lot of modes and high-quality Russian translation.

You can customize the appearance of the character in the main menu in a few clicks, choosing from gender, skin color and clothing. After that, the main character sets off almost in free swimming in the desired mode. There are plenty of opportunities to occupy yourself here - to get involved in team battles, drive around the city on high-speed cars, play racquetball, control a huge robot, ride a tank and the like. Block City Wars game has incorporated only the best from its classic prototypes, so it is understandable that its army of fans is growing every day.

This three-dimensional pixel action game captures the hearts of gamers around the world with its freedom of choice and well-formed gameplay. Here, to carry out even the simplest initial single-player missions is very interesting. It’s easy to spend several hours walking around the vibrant city, learn a lot about it and randomly earn extra money.

The creators of the Block City Wars application have not in vain chosen such popular games for its foundation. Now, fans of each of them enjoy this creation and every day there are more and more fans who like to ride around the city with pixel graphics, shoot a couple of bandits there and get away from the police chase. The game is constantly evolving, new functions are introduced and errors are fixed - everything is done for a comfortable stay in it.

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  1. scr4dZer
    scr4dZer 24 April 2021 15:29
    Недавно играл в блок танк варс, а тут вот эту игруху обнаружил и тоже понравилась. Графика веселая, контента море, делай что хочешь – люблю такие незатейливые игры, отлично подходят для отдыха, меня они прям расслабляют сразу)
  2. Nshanenc69
    Nshanenc69 7 April 2021 09:07
    Игра blok city war и правда весьма интересная, классное сочетание жанров и оформление очень радует. Виртуальный мир проекта огромен, занятие найти тут не проблема, всегда можно увлекательно провести время. Всем ценителям жанра к ознакомлению прям обязательно.