Mini World: Block Art

Version: 0.51.0
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Adventure
Google Play: Open
Developer: MiniPlay Inc
Updated: 28-01-2021, 17:55
(287 votes)
Mini World: Block Art is a great mobile sandbox released by MiniPlay Inc. It is available on the Play Store for free. By joining the game, you can invent and create your own world. The theme of the game is very similar to Minecraft, but if the latter is paid, now you have a great opportunity to play the free version - Mini World: Block Art.

Mini World: Block Art can be downloaded at no charge. Interestingly, the game is supported on other platforms, but you will need an emulator for Android to play it.

Of course, no one will deny the fact that the game has borrowed a lot from Minecraft, because it is a real pillar and ancestor of all sandboxes of this type, which has unique graphics and attractive gameplay.

The current game is also very popular - the number of players has exceeded 10 million, and it has received a large number of positive reviews.

In the game you have to go on a strange journey, in which you will discover a lot of new things and create everything in the world around you. There are no restrictions and limits - all that needs to be done is to create or destroy everything that you see around in order to build the world around you. And you can build everything you want - a city, a castle or a simple house. It is also interesting to explore the underworld and participate in multiplayer.

The game has a large number of skins for characters that can be purchased in the store, you can also open pets and use them, and this will be very useful.

In the game you can choose various modes - survival mode, creation mode and multiplayer mode, each of which is attractive and worthy of your attention.

In general, the game strongly resembles Minecraft, but it is to its advantage.

Download Mini World: Block Art for Android free