Last Day on Earth: Survival

Version: 1.17.10
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Kefir
Updated: 19-03-2021, 02:05
(92 votes)
Last Day on Earth: Survival - a new post-apocalyptic shooter, which takes place in the near future. Most of humanity was destroyed by an unknown infection, and the people who died from it did not just die, but turned into bloodthirsty zombies. Those few survivors have to fight the invasion of the undead and try to restore the once great civilization from ruins.

The player in Last Day on Earth: Survival needs to monitor his character’s well-being, quench his thirst and hunger, find various materials for creating objects with which he will craft many things that are useful to any survivor - from banal defense tools to advanced vehicles. In this wild world full of thousands of eternally hungry zombies, any little thing can be important.

Here, not only strength will help to defeat, but also a trick - zombies are not too smart, which makes it easy to manipulate the crowds of the walking dead with proper dexterity. And zombies here are not the only threat, it is worth fearing other survivors, because for the sake of survival people are ready for anything. In raid mode, you can go to foreign territories and find especially rare items and resources there. All the player’s knowledge and abilities will come in handy, because fighting with such opponents is much more dangerous.

For all connoisseurs of the most tough game, there are always seasonal locations that you can get into using the transport created by the player. There you can meet crowds of furious zombies, wild animals and other players. The world of Last Day on Earth: Survival is huge, there is a lesson for each hero in it. The player will have to cast aside fear and doubt, trying to survive in this crazy place, because there is no right for an error.
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  1. rossi
    rossi 31 March 2021 15:05
    Просторный мир игры красиво подан, есть много увлекательного контента, скучать точно не приходится. last day on earth survival взлом игра отсюда вроде нормально функционирует, уже долго часов сижу и пока нареканий нет. 
  2. Antiv2702
    Antiv2702 23 March 2021 07:34
    Прикольная выживалка, тут можно просто от голода или жажды сдохнуть, что уж говорить о всяких зомби. Интересно крафтить разные штуки. Долго искал где скачать last day on earth взлом версию – тут все отлично работает и денег не надо платить)