Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Adventure
Google Play: Open
Developer: Kefir
Updated: 25-03-2021, 21:25
(256 votes)
Frostborn is a dynamic role-playing game that tells the story of the adventures of the great Vikings from ancient Scandinavia. Here you can fight from the heart, engage in strengthening the defense, team up with other players against a strong enemy, or just have a great time.

On a personal base, the player stores valuable resources obtained in difficult trials. They are needed for the arrangement of fortress walls, the purchase of weapons and other things that can significantly strengthen the character. The game provides battle modes with both heroes under the control of artificial intelligence and with heroes of real people. In corporate mode, up to 4 people can participate. Players have the opportunity to create clans and build corporate bases.

The open world of Frostborn is truly huge, it includes many amazingly beautiful locations and mysterious dungeons. The crafting system of the game provides a lot of crafts, the employment of which brings a lot of benefits and can play a decisive role in future battles. The game entices users not only with a decent setting of battles, but also with a well-designed interface in which all the elements are selected optimally conveniently. Another plus to the huge list of advantages of this RPG is its atmosphere, because you want to immerse yourself in it from the very first minutes of your stay in the wonderful world of Ingard, generous with colorful landscapes, flora and fauna.

No matter what the player prefers to take his time in Frostborn - a leisurely selection of resources for crafting, exploring the world or bloody battles - each process here is attractive and interesting in its own way. Only after having passed all the severe trials, the Viking can become truly worthy to take his place at the table near Odin at the endless feast of Valhalla.
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