Version: 1.0.1
Requirements: Android 4.3+
Category: Games / Shooting games
Google Play: Open
Developer: Tencent Games
Updated: 12-09-2020, 10:35
(146 votes)
PUBG MOBILE is a complete adrenaline, action and freedom of action shooter in today's popular genre of survival. The player here must be able to withstand the battle against opponents who, along with him, were thrown from a helicopter to the island. From the initial equipment there is only a parachute - everything else will have to be extracted with sweat and blood.

The main goal of PUBG MOBILE is to survive in conditions of mortal danger, a complete absence of moral and any human norms. Not everyone can handle this situation, so only the most courageous, strong and desperate are able to hold out for at least a couple of minutes on this crazy island.

By its basic principles, the game PUBG MOBILE is similar to the world-famous Counter-strike. The initial position of the characters can be called less pleasant, since they were on the island just from a helicopter, without any supplies. Raise your chances of survival will have to extraction of various resources. In such a situation, you need to show all the strength of character, be as careful as possible and gather your will into a fist. Otherwise, there simply can not live long.

The players have a choice: do single-player missions to receive rewards or take part in a team battle in multiplayer mode. In any case, a dynamic battle cannot be avoided, where adrenaline will boil in the blood of each participant - this is how the battles in the game go. Such rapid battles require lightning-fast decision-making, so in a few battles each project participant will think much faster and will be able to appreciate all the nuances of the situation in a split second. Developing this skill and combining it with others with its strong qualities, a true hero can survive on a deadly island.

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