Subway Surfers

Version: 2.15.0
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Arcade
Google Play: Open
Developer: Kiloo
Updated: 14-04-2021, 17:09
(298 votes)
Subway Surfers is a fun adventure for all lovers of real graffiti. Throughout the game, you will illegally paint walls, running away from the guards and their watch dogs, constantly trying to bite the fugitives on their heels.

The application is rich in colorful characters and locations. All members of the player’s team are very fond of making real works of art from ordinary subway cars with paint. It is not surprising that they quickly attract the attention of local law enforcement agencies and try to get away from them - this is the goal of the game.

Among the features of Subway Surfers are:
  • vivid graphics and the work of artists that can surprise even true connoisseurs of art;
  • funny pokatushki with a team of like-minded people on trains;
  • the presence of jetpacks that add variety to the gameplay;
  • well-developed system of acrobatics and tricks;
  • the opportunity to play with friends, creating masterpieces of street paintings together and hiding from the chase.
When the guard spotted you, it was time to grab a bag of paint and bring it down. The protagonist with his faithful team runs away on rails as quickly as possible, jumping from car to car and dodging oncoming trains traveling at great speed. The complexity of the game increases as it progresses, and chases occur all at high speeds.
In Subway Surfers, the player should always be extremely careful, because any collision can lead to his capture. The longer you get away from the annoying guards, the more points you get. It is especially interesting to play in a team of friends, with well-coordinated actions and goals. It is not only effective, but also a lot of fun. So it's time to stock up on spray cans and leave your mark on the walls of the subway.
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  1. rossi
    rossi 31 March 2021 16:15
    Игра сразу заинтересовала – много всего интересного, можно весело поразрисовывать стены да и просто отдохнуть, геймплей простой. Скачать взломанный subway surf тут легко и просто, ничего платить не надо.
  2. LunevsGitaroy
    LunevsGitaroy 2 March 2020 22:30
    Привет это очень классная игра не понимаю, кто ее будет ругать, лучшая в жанре. Если ты не играл в Subway Surfers то обязан это сделать, здесь полно заданий, выполнять их можно бесконечно. Разработчики и правда, очень много трудились над созданием этого совершенства