Hide Online

Version: 4.6.1
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: HitRock Games
Updated: 20-04-2021, 17:05
(26 votes)
Hide Online is an exciting multiplayer game in which the player will have to search or be found. In this application, you can not only hide in a secluded place, but even take the form of almost any object for better disguise. Or you can act as a hunter and, armed with a whole arsenal of weapons, go to catch everyone.

The genre of the game “Hide and Seek”, familiar to everyone since childhood, is becoming more and more popular today. Simple controls, great graphics and fun music throughout the round make the game interesting for people of all ages, so the number of participants in the application is growing every day. This opens up new opportunities for acquaintance and competition to people from all over the world.

Only the most agile, cunning and resourceful will be on the Hide Online leaderboards. In this virtual project, fans seek and hide. The former are trying to find the latter hidden in a set of locations among the many objects - this simple principle makes the game incredibly interesting for both sides. A balanced combination of extreme entertainment, dexterity and fun make the application very popular. The exciting process of fighting for victory will be appreciated by all knowledgeable gamers.

In Hide Online, a player who decides to take the side of those hiding can choose what to appear on this card - a can, a wooden table, an ordinary box, or maybe something else. If only this item could fit into the environment so as not to catch the eye of the hunter. But it is worthwhile to understand that experienced hunters have already seen a lot of all kinds of tricks, and it is not so easy to hide from them. So the outcome of each battle largely depends on the skills of the participants, as well as their well-coordinated work, the ability to improvise and a small fraction of luck.

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  1. Oday45
    Oday45 7 April 2021 13:00
    Довольно интересные интерактивные прятки, можно отлично повеселиться за обе команды. Лично мне больше нравится прятаться и наблюдать за охотниками, это порой бывает очень интересно. hide online взлом игру скачивал тут, все работает отлично, всем советую.