Score Hero

Version: 2.75
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Category: Games / Sport games
Google Play: Open
Updated: 12-06-2021, 21:34
(216 votes)
Score Hero - a game that allowed you to feel like the best football players in the world! From now on, you are a hero incapable of defeat. You need to defend the goal, pass and score goals. This is the main task in Score Hero, which will help you get as close to your dream as possible.

Score Hero is a fascinating way along the career ladder of a football player. Become the best and complete all 600 levels. You are the master of the game and are able to control every action of the players. Your player depends on you at all - gives a pass, runs ahead, performs difficult tricks, spins the ball or scores a goal. You are the king and master of your "alter him."

The game has a number of additional features:
  • more than 600 levels of various nature;
  • the opportunity to collect medals and cups, earn fame, change teams, join various clubs and compete with other players in the elite business;
  • the possibility of additional earnings of medals participating in regular events;
  • updated account index, which provides a significant amount for freedom of action;
  • excellent graphics of the new generation, a hundred will not leave anyone indifferent;
  • play correctly - a simple process, the difficulty in obtaining fame and success;
  • the ability to change your hero: play and open stunning images and views;
  • Facebook connection will allow you to compete with friends for the title of best football player.
The exciting plot will not leave aside even a fierce opponent of football sports and will open before your eyes new perspectives and the opportunity to try your own strength in real life.

Get the maximum amount of adrenaline and experience during the passage of the game!

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  1. Setjang
    Setjang 24 April 2021 07:23
    Хорошая футбольная игра, аналогов достойных мало видел, а тут собрано прям все самое нужное и интересное. Футбол score hero проработан детально, и карьеру можно качать и просто матчи играть – всем ценителям жанра настоятельно советую попробовать эту игру.
  2. Tuialok
    Tuialok 16 April 2021 12:13
    Отличная игра про футбол, всем любителям жанра должна понравиться. Тут можно с тактикой заморочиться, с внешним видом футболистов экспериментировать. score heroes может много дать новичкам в подобных играх.
  3. Oday45
    Oday45 7 April 2021 14:47
    Всем любителям футбола эта игра явно будет интересна – создать своего футболиста и развивать его карьеру, управлять им до самых мелочей, вплоть до деталей одежды. score hero взлом версия игры тут скачивается нормально, играю уже долгое время и все отлично работает.