Dream League Soccer 2021

Version: 8.06
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Category: Games / Sport games
Google Play: Open
Updated: 18-02-2021, 17:03
(283 votes)
Dream League Soccer 2020 is the best football game full of realism and features. Thanks to such a unique and beautiful schedule, everyone will feel like a football player and will be able to enter the field with any of more than 3 thousand licensed players. Here, users will find the greatest Messi, Ronaldo or Mbappé. Thousands of teams from around the world, a huge number of championships and online modes. Let your club sign a contract with one of the stars, maybe you will be glad to see such a player as Ibrahimovic in the attack. Together with a successful club, you will be able to quickly get to fame and new cups.
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  1. ЛенкаЛешка
    ЛенкаЛешка 3 March 2020 00:01
    Давно уже думаю, а почему бы не придумать похожую на Фифа игру для телефонов, да есть что-то похожее. Но там нельзя самому участвовать в процессе. Лишь с появлением Dream League Soccer 2020 мое мнение изменилось, полный реалистичности симулятор, построенный на мощном физическом движке.