Plants vs. Zombies

Version: 2.9.09
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Zombie
Google Play: Open
Updated: 23-05-2021, 18:45
(245 votes)
Plants vs. Zombies is a famous game for mobile phones, which has already managed to become a classic of its genre. Zombies have filled the world, and now they are already approaching your doorstep, but no one is going to give up. You have seeds of unique war plants that can cope with any problem, including the invasion of the living dead.

The battle with bloodthirsty monsters will unfold right on the territory of your house. The insidious carrots encroach on a beautiful lawn, try to attack from the pool, look into the mushroom garden and even climb onto the roof. Your task is to repel the attack of these evil creatures by all available means and not give yourself, and especially your brains, offense. Zombies only seem stupid and short-sighted, but in reality this is not so at all. They will even toss you notes, setting traps and trying to lure you out of the house.

Game Plants vs. Zombies are made in a humorous manner, so that it perfectly cheers up. The gameplay is simple, but it does not take away from him the ability to periodically become very confusing and complex. You will quickly understand all the intricacies of the gameplay and learn how to destroy zombies in huge quantities. Earn valuable coins and purchase plant improvements and other useful things on them. You can even build your own garden to grow war flora and earn extra profit. Also, a small tree grows near your house, which can always help with advice. Feed him with fertilizers, and you will find out many more interesting moments about this amazing game.

Game Features:
  • many exciting levels;
  • various types of plants and zombies;
  • colorful graphics;
  • addictive gameplay;
  • simple and convenient operation.

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  1. Mitavayo
    Mitavayo 7 April 2021 10:41
    Шикарная игра, долго от нее оторваться не мог – уровней много и все интересные, а потом еще можно во всякие испытания поиграть или бесконечные режимы. Скачать растения против зомби взлом игры можно на этом сайте, тут оплаты не просят, а для меня это главное.
  2. rerf
    rerf 6 April 2021 19:36
    plants vs zombies 2 взлом скачала на данном сайте совершенно бесплатно. Данную игру все знают и любят и я не исключение) Всегда нравилась рисовка , яркая картинка, такие забавные зомби и милые растения. Игра очень затягивает и не смотря на долгое время не устаю в нее играть.
  3. Nasiii
    Nasiii 6 April 2021 12:57
    Игрушка проста в использовании и очень затягивает. Сажай растения и уничтожай толпы зомби, которые так и норовят сожрать мозги. Очень радует, что в растения против зомби взлом версию можно играть без интернета.