Toca Life: World

Version: 1.34
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Toca Boca
Updated: 12-06-2021, 20:08
(227 votes)
Toca Life: World is a unique virtual world in which every child can realize his cheerful fantasies. This game combines the most popular versions of Toca Life applications, including City, Hospital, Office and many others.

Now players can play almost any plot with the desired character in various locations. In this amazing virtual world, the most unexpected things happen. The application bundle already has almost 4 dozen characters and 8 locations. The player will have at his disposal an apartment, a shopping center, a hairdresser and other places to start his adventure.

If a player already has one of the versions of the Toca Life app, he can always transfer the character from it to Toca Life: World. It can easily combine several interesting story lines from different versions and build your own unique development. The possibilities here depend only on the imagination of the player, so creating will be much more interesting.

In addition to free standard locations and characters in the game there is the possibility of buying new ones. The assortment of the store features more than fifty locations, three hundred characters and about a hundred pets that can melt the hearts of any user. And game developers do not stop there - the selection of products in the store is constantly expanding and updated, giving players the opportunity to create their own unique world in Toca Life: World. To purchase new things in the game, you can use gifts that are issued every week.

The Toca Life universe is vibrant, interesting, safe and informative. The team of its creators tries to give joy to an increasing number of children with their games, opening up the opportunity for them to open their imagination in the virtual world.

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  1. Gavroh
    Gavroh 20 January 2021 18:32
    У меня есть какая-то мания к таким игрушкам, в которых есть свобода действий, решений. Это всегда очень интересно, смотрю многие интересуются есть ли здесь мебель, да она есть я уже посмотрела все
  2. Надя
    Надя 28 November 2020 12:28
    Кто нибудь может ответить, здесь есть вся мебель? 

    Кто ни будь может сказать, здесь вся мебель? 
    1. Вика
      Вика 12 January 2021 19:42
      Я сама хочу узнать
    2. Лера
      Лера 24 April 2021 12:05
      Приветик, да есть 😁