Version: 1.3.15
Requirements: Android 4.3+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Developer: Skytec Games Inc
Updated: 12-06-2021, 19:59
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Horrorfield is the new survival horror online. In it, the player will have to choose a side: to be among the survivors fleeing the bloodthirsty maniac, or to become a monster himself and catch his victims.

There are several characters in the survivor camp, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:
  • the athlete runs fast and knows how to make energy, increasing for a short time the speed of any survivor;
  • the healer heals herself and others well;
  • a thief maniac is more difficult to notice, she can also learn how to make master keys;
  • an engineer is better at repairing broken generators and producing things;
  • the mercenary has excellent physical and moral training;
  • the professor has an aura that improves the characteristics of the closest survivors;
  • a policeman is capable of producing weapons and holding a maniac for a long time.
  • The main goal of the survivors is to save the maniac from the den. This is best done with well-coordinated team actions, otherwise the maniac will quickly catch everyone one by one. To help each member of the team, there are several things in the inventory that you can take with you in the next round.

Initially, Horrorfield can only be played for survivors. But with an increase in the level, the player has the opportunity to test his strength in the capture of victims. You can choose here among 4 types of villains:
the butcher breaks the repaired generators;
a cultist is faster, and victims in his cells die faster;
a ghost is able to fly through walls;
the beast turns into a fierce wolf.
The developers have plans to add several new products to Horrorfield, including the ability to create clans, a variety of task systems, leader rating and much more. The game is developing steadily and expands an already significant army of fans.

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