Garena Free Fire

Version: 1.62.2
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Category: Games / Action
Google Play: Open
Updated: 12-06-2021, 19:35
(327 votes)
Garena Free Fire is a fast-paced shooter in which the player will have to try to win. Using parachutes, the characters land on a large island, where in 10 minutes out of fifty people in the game of survival there will be only one.

The player himself chooses the starting point of his placement on the island. Armed with a whole arsenal of weapons, he will have to destroy his competitors, otherwise they will destroy him. Often, well-developed tactics increase the chances of victory, but good improvisation can also be useful, especially in the context of a heated battle. To explore the island there are many techniques on which you can quickly and relatively safely move around.

Sometimes an airstrike passes through the island, from which it is better to take refuge in a safe place. Also often in the sky you can see the supply box, having managed to reach it in time and taking everything you need, you can turn the tide of the battle in your favor. In-game communications in Garena Free Fire allow you to effectively coordinate the actions of a team of four, which greatly increases the chances of survival. Simple controls, interesting game mechanics, an excellent visual side and high-quality sound effects are just a few of the advantages of the project. With it, time will fly by unnoticed, and a lot of positive emotions from each round is provided.

Garena Free Fire is a balanced ten-minute shooter game whose sole purpose is to survive amid the chaos that begins almost immediately after landing on the island. It is here that the skills to adapt to stressful situations are fully manifested, when everyone around is an enemy, and the finger has to be constantly kept on the trigger.

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  1. kapriz777
    kapriz777 18 November 2020 16:19
    Что-то наподобие пубг, сперва даже не хотел пробовать, но как то было нечем заняться и я решил скачать фри фаер чтобы испытать ее на себе уже точно. Результат оказался неплохим, теперь я пиграю в нее, а не в конкурентов. Упрощенная версия, на карте находится до 50 человек, но это даже лучше