Avakin Life

Version: 1.050.01
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Google Play: Open
Updated: 24-03-2021, 12:00
(244 votes)
Avakin Life is a versatile life simulator that opens up a lot of opportunities for players. Customizing the appearance to the smallest detail, selecting a wardrobe, building the coveted housing, searching for like-minded people, lots of entertainment and lots of other interesting things - this is the huge world of Avakin.

The game contains all the charms of modern social interaction in the world of thousands of players scattered around the globe. Communicate, have fun, share the secrets of success - all this means the wide virtual world of Avakin Life. But without healthy competition, there is no way, because the most stylish characters should be appreciated. Therefore, the game regularly holds votes, in which the most popular and colorful characters receive public recognition.

Skillfully executed three-dimensional environment has an interesting dialogue. The creators of the game tried to make sure that the spacious open world was not boring - it is constantly expanding, modifying, filled with new colors and objects, so there is definitely no place for boredom. High-quality graphics and a user-friendly interface make the game simple and pleasant to look at, and with each update everything only improves.

At Avakin Life, anyone can prove themselves as an interior designer. Exquisitely furnished apartment is half the battle - you need to show your creation to others. You can always invite a couple of friends and find out their opinion about what happened, listen to tips, trim details. If the opinions of several people are few - invite the whole world to your virtual home, let them carefully examine everything and comment. So you can quickly rise in the ranking and become a true connoisseur of the art of interior design.
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  1. Garson777
    Garson777 2 March 2020 23:48
    Раньше играла в Симс на компьютере, но это ПК, не всегда рядом находишься, а развлечься то хочется. Тогда Avakin Life стала самой лучшей заменой моей любимой игры, вдобавок она имеет мультиплеер, вместо ИИ я получила живое общение, много новых друзей и атмосферу погружения в реальность.