MARVEL Future Fight

Version: 7.4.0
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Google Play: Open
Developer: Netmarble
Updated: 9-09-2021, 17:18
(206 votes)
MARVEL Future Fight is a collection of the greatest heroes from Marvel comics. Here the famous Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and many others go to grandiose battles in order to protect humanity from various threats.

According to the plot, a message comes from the future from the director of the secret organization SHIELD. It says that in a few years, multiverse dimensions will begin to collide randomly, which threatens humanity with a global catastrophe. This forces all existing heroes and villains to unite and try to save the universe at all costs.

In MARVEL Future Fight, you can play with a virtual gamepad, or simply leading one finger across the screen. The whole uniqueness of the plot of the project will be revealed to the researchers of this huge fictional world. The player has the opportunity to create a squad of superheroes from the famous comics himself and send them for victory. There are 4 types of warriors: combat, speed, shock and universal, each of them is good in a certain situation. The system of pumping skills quickly will make an inexperienced team of novice fighters for justice the true defenders of humanity and the entire world.

In epic battles, players can show all their professionalism. It is interesting to play both in battles against other players, and in a single company. In the latter, supervillains are especially difficult, defeating which you can get rare rewards. If you can’t defeat one of these villains, you can always call your friends for help and defeat a dangerous opponent together.
A wide variety of comics opens up great development opportunities for MARVEL Future Fight. Developers take into account all the wishes of users and regularly add something new to the project.

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