Tales of Wind

Version: 3.5.7
Requirements: Android 4.2+
Google Play: Open
Updated: 31-01-2021, 13:11
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Tales of Wind allows you to feel selected, which was created to save a unique world. The game is able to plunge into the world of a warrior and interesting stories. However, the beautiful girls and the bright design of Tales of Wind will truly relax and enjoy those who do not like violence and cruelty.

Tales of Wind is a game that tells the story of the beautiful city of Laplace, which was blessed by great gods and has been protected for many centuries. But today a threat loomed over him, darkness itself rose from the depths of the earth to receive the great city of the earth. Residents of the city are in danger, and only your team is able to dispel the impending threat and resume peace of mind.

During the thunder of the gameplay, you can try up to 20 modes - race, war, arcade and much more. Gather a unique team and cute pets that will allow you to quickly move around and protect at the right time.

Explore the world using a map of the area. Find old friends and make new ones. Complete team tasks - do everything to make the gameplay more fun.

Let the character find the love that has been waiting for him for many years. Create a union of lovers and get married. Create a joint farm for the extraction of necessary resources and pet care. Increase your strength and ability to save this world from destruction.

Do not forget that the history of the city will require separate successes from you - complete additional tasks, rise in the ranking of the best and prove that you are able to become a universal favorite and defender.

Do not forget about the team - get the necessary skins and clothes to pump strength and health. Prove that you are the best hero and spouse of the city of Laplace.

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