Version: 9.30.0-7098500
Requirements: Android 7.0+
Category: Games / Action
Developer: Epic Games
Updated: 2-08-2019, 13:59
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Fortnite - “battle royale” has become popular among PC users and finally the opportunity to download the game to mobile applications. At the moment, it looks like a test version. A lot of users help Fortnite developers in identifying bugs, for a hundred receive significant rewards and gifts.

Fortnite is a single player game on a huge map with other users online. You have to find out what kind of builder and fighter you are, how well you have developed tactical skills and building plans. There are many challenges ahead. Choose a policy of action - to kill the dying or fight the healthy.

The "Royal Battle" received a sufficient number of innovations and corrections:
new modes;
updated rules of conduct during the game;
At this stage, the royal battle undergoes a series of updates and improvements, which leads to the cancellation of rating tables. Everyone can be the first!
characters have differences only in external parameters, but not in characteristics;
each match updates external parameters in a random order;
the landing site is of particular importance, it is recommended to think it over in advance;
use a large number of different items and do not forget about the first-aid kit and energy to restore lives;
lack of rebirths. Kill opponents and do not fall for stronger and more intelligent players.
The new mobile version is an interesting refinement of the computer that will suit any gadget running on the Android platform.
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  1. Serda
    Serda 20 January 2021 19:05
    Из всех королевских игр я выбираю только Fortnite , потому что здесь намного больше возможностей. например как в других играх нельзя, тут можно сразу и стреляться, и строить преграды для врагов.
  2. hgfjkkjt23
    hgfjkkjt23 7 November 2020 13:53
    Люблю онлайн экшены поэтому и скачал Fortnite. Игра хоть ещё и в тестовом режиме, но очень крутая, в ней большая карта, по которой интересно перемещаться и соревноваться с другими такими же игроками