Warspear Online (MMORPG, RPG, MMO)

Version: 9.2.0
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Google Play: Open
Developer: AIGRIND
Updated: 18-02-2021, 14:36
(48 votes)
Warspear Online (MMORPG, RPG, MMO) is a classic mobile RPG with a fully Russian language. Today, millions of users have played it, and you can be among them. Become a part of this vast world and choose for yourself the side on which the war for the main relic will take place. There are 4 different fantastic races, they are divided into several alliances. Before starting the adventure, players have to choose who is interesting to them. Characters broken into 16 classes have their own individual characteristics and professions. Make your way, kill hordes of enemies and capture new castles in this fantastic country of Ayvondil.
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